Unique Backsplash Ideas That You Can Use In Your Kitchen

White kitchens with white backsplash ideas 300x206 Unique Backsplash Ideas That You Can Use In Your KitchenBacksplash in the kitchen is the area of the wall running between the countertop and upper wall cabinets. This is an area which rarely anyone notices unless it is made eye catching with unique backsplash ideas. The area is prone to the hazards of cooking. People generally overlook this area and neglect to do anything about it though unique backsplash ideas can be used to decorate it tastefully along with other areas of the kitchen. However, as the area needs frequent cleaning, your décor need to be aesthetic as well as practical.

Your unique backsplash ideas can include any type of material that can be used to do up the area. There are various types of materials that have become quite popular for dcorating the backsplash area. What material you will prefer will largely depend on the overall design of your kitchen and the practicality of the material. Generally most people prefer to use the same material for backsplash which they use for the counter. However materials like granite, Corian, Silestone, stainless steel, glass etc can be used for the backsplash. Some prefer material that can be cleaned easily while some prefer the ones that are strong and durable.

Here are some very popular unique backsplash ideas that you can use for your kitchen:

  • Granite – it has become very popular due to its durability. It also has the unique property be being non-porous and resistance to stains. Moreover since granite is quite popular as a countertop, it is also preferred as ideal kitchen backsplash.
  • Stone – after granite this is preferred due to its strength though it do not resemble granite in terms of properties fully. However it exists in rock, marble and limestone and can also be used for countertops as well as flooring. Strained effect of the stone is quite favored by those who want to add value to their kitchen.
  • Stainless steel – those who prefer practicality over design prefer stainless steel backsplash. This comes very cheap and can be cleaned without hassle. However fancy designs are also available in this material as well.
  • Ceramic – the popularity of ceramic tiles rests on the innumerous different designs and colors. They are so versatile that they can change the look of any setting when used creatively. Not only is it available in unique designs, it is also very durable and has the ability to change the appearance to a dull kitchen instantly.
  • Glass – in recent times glass is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility. You can have glass in any shape and color that you want. It is easily available and is very easy to clean. It is not only cheap but also great in looks. There are different variations of glass available, like single sheets, etched glass, stained glass, mosaic glass, glass cubes and also painted glass. Glass can do justice to any of your creative unique backsplash ideas.

If you are using your unique backsplash ideas for doing up your kitchen aesthetically, you need to keep in mind that your kitchen backsplash should match the décor of the rest of the kitchen. The backsplash should not become an eye sore; it should be able to serve its purpose as well as be in harmony with the style of the kitchen, especially with the countertops.

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