Tips on Decorating a Home

home decorating 300x300 Tips on Decorating a HomeSometimes decorating a home becomes a daunting task, especially when you do not have any experience as such. Decorating involves dealing with furnishings, color schemes, fabrics and all the nick-knacks that can really be overwhelming for the novice. Here are some tips that will help you get started on decorating a home.

First of all you need to step out of your home and view the natural environment in which your home is situated.  Then take into consideration the architectural type of your home. These two aspects have to be kept in mind before you start forming any idea about decorating your home. As far as possible the decoration of your home should blend naturally with its natural surrounding.

If the architecture of your home is Victorian, you need to go for formal type of décor that will include a lot of pastel colors, ferns, flowered wall paper and loads of antique materials. On the other hand if your home is located in the woods, then decorating with plants, natural fabrics and simple colored materials will do justice to your home décor.  Well, if your home is a casual country type, linen, floral, checks and cheerful colors will be apt materials for decoration. And decorating a home situated in a city would require materials of contemporary nature like glass and chrome. While homes set on sea side will require nautical themes for decoration.

In short, whatever you do for decorating a home, it should gel well with the natural surroundings and architecture of your home. Your home decoration should not go against the grain of these two aspects, otherwise it will become an eye sore.

While decorating the interiors you should be sure about the colors that would be right for your home. If you are not sure about the color schemes you can always start by experimenting with different colors. For example, you place rug, tapestry, pillow etc of different colors at their respective locations and determine which color is going to match with the overall style and color of the room. You can conduct this experiment in all the rooms and check out the right color that will agree with that particular location.

Deciding on the right color scheme while decorating a home will give your home a balanced and harmonious appearance and a comfortable feel. After you have finalized the color schemes you need to paint the walls accordingly. You can accentuate your color schemes by adding trims in contrasting colors.  However to get the best out of this ensure that the trim is of good quality.

When it comes to furniture the best choice probably will be to keep the color neutral.  This will be appropriate especially for the furniture that are big like love seats, recliners, couches etc. However, appropriate colored accessories on them will bring out the best in them. Try placing the furniture at different locations in different style and combinations in groups creating different zones so as to create areas for reading, sitting or relaxing.

Now when you are dealing with nick-knacks, it is better that you follow some specified rules.  It has been seen that odd numbers make for the best combination of articles.  One big article on a small side table or a coffee table will be appropriate. Similarly, you can combine three, five, seven etc. articles in your decoration. You can very well experiment with articles of different size, height or materials. Objects of the same color kept together looks better, similarly objects made of the same materials also make for harmonious décor.

The above tips will help you in the initial stage of decorating a home if you are not very sure about your skill on home décor.

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