Basement Décor can Transform Your Basement

finishing basement design ideas image title dvch7 300x200 Basement Décor can Transform Your BasementBasement décor is the only way you can transform the storage space into a living space that can be used effectively. But before you start decorating your basement you need to keep in mind some basic facts about the nature of basement. Basements are situated mostly below the ground level which is prone to seepage of water. Therefore, before you start basement décor you need to plug these leakages as much as possible, or avoid such areas when the décor work is in progress. This is the first thing that you need to keep in mind before you launch into basement décor.

The second thing that you need to keep in mind is that with minor renovation your basement is not going to transform into a living space as such. Remember it is your basement and the best you can do is change it into a space for hobbies, handicraft, entertainment area and other such activities that does not require prolong engagement. However, if you plan major renovation you will be able to transform your basement into living space as well in which can contain a bedroom along with some entertainment area. Intense basement décor might turn the place into a nice living space; otherwise generally basements are not livable due to its moist environment.

On the other hand if you very much want to convert your drab basement into a good living area, there are practical basement décor methods that you can apply to achieve the desired results. Basement floors are generally damp and cold and hence unfit for walking barefoot. Therefore the first thing you need to do is cover the concrete floor with rugs so that walking on the floor can be comfortable and warm. This way negotiating the floor will be easier and comfortable. On the other hand if you choose your basement décor theme based on rugs, you can use rugs to cover the walls as well. You might consider using carpets instead of rugs. However, on the practical side you will find rugs to be easier to set up than carpets as rugs do not need measured placement.  Another advantage of rugs is that it is cheaper than carpets. However, you have to be careful while purchasing rugs because the price will largely depend on the quantity of the material you buy and from where you buy it.

An alternate method of covering your basement wall is by the use of wall hangers. This is an ingenious way of hiding the defective parts of your basement walls. However using wall hangers on the ceiling and the floor might prove rather costly. It will be cheaper if you have the ceiling surface painted.  You can even use water-repellent paint for your basement décor. The advantage with paint is that you can play with it in various ways using your creativity. In order to hide the walls in a decorative manner you can use different paint styles like stucco and texture which will add elegance to the walls. If you want to give your basement a warm and glowing ambience you can use bright colors in a big way which will hide the natural drabness of the basement.

Therefore, these are some of the basement décor ideas that you can use to transform your basement into a live living space.

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