Tips on Decorating Small Living Room Interiors

small living room design ideas 300x229 Tips on Decorating Small Living Room InteriorsDecorating small living room interiors can be fun. If you put your mind to it you can even make the small room look bigger and appealing and as beautiful as large living rooms. Moreover a little touch of your creativity can even give the small living room a unique character of its own which can surpass even that of a larger room.

The easiest way to make a small room look big is by adding mirrors to the room. If you can strategically place large mirrors in the room its reflections will virtually make the room look bigger. Moreover a large mirror is bound to become an interesting focal point distracting the visitors’ attention from the size of the room.

While decorating small living room you can play with the furniture to change its look and feel.  You can start by arranging the furniture away from the walls. You can also try out with different styles of furniture to give a definite personality to the room.

The living room might contain a lot of miscellaneous items creating clutter all over.  These items might be meant for decorating the room, however on closer look you might find most of them unnecessary. In order to make the room spacious you need to remove many of these accessories. From amongst these seek out the ones that are of high quality and will look good on display. You can even group them according to their categories.  Thus displaying these in groups will make the room look less cluttered.

Just as you used mirrors to virtually increase the space horizontally, in the same grain you can use crown molding to virtually increase the height of the room. Crown molding will automatically make one look up towards the ceiling which will create the illusion of height. Painting of the crown molding can be done in the same décor as that of the room. Alternately you can use wood grain molding which will also be a way you can enhance the attraction of the room.

If you want to add more feeling of spaciousness to you can use sconce light fixtures for decorating small living room. You can position these light fittings in such a way that they bounce off light off the ceiling. This way of lighting the room indirectly creates a wonderful ambience and naturally makes one to look up, which again makes the room seem taller.

When decorating small living room you can consider using area rugs. You can match the pattern of the rugs with that of the room. You can use different patterns for different areas of the room which will add depth to the room without creating any oddness. The rugs can also be matched with the furniture and other accessories of the room.

After you have finished decorating the small living room, you need to keep it sparkling clean to maintain the attraction of the room. You need to keep the shining surfaces like mirrors, glass table tops etc polished and shined.  These simple tasks if used in all the rooms will eventually keep the home clean and sparkling.

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