5 Steps How to File a Lien

A lien is no longer a new thing actually. However, to file a lien especially for property can be tricky and a little bit confusing sometimes. The following steps show us how to file a lien properly, and how to successfully finish it.

#1. Fulfil the Requirements

We must be at least registered as common law asks so. The contractor or sub contractor also needs to be registered. We also must be the one who provide lien on property notification to property owner.

#2. Let the Person Knows

Before the entire project starts, we need to let the owner of the property knows that we can file a lien for this project. This early notification makes very powerful legal move. It gives great effect later.

#3. Secure Our Claim

We will need Claim of Lien here. Once we have it, we should issue the claim and this should be done in 90 days in maximum after the project. The claim shows that you have the right to issue a lien and to make force on property sale.

#4. File and Record

We must file the claim on county clerk. More than that, we will be required to make proper documentation on it as well. If things go well, we will see the lien on the specific property official report.

#5. Copy of the Claim

The last step will be sending a copy of the Claim of Lien to the property owner. This should be done before 14 days after we make the filling. Send it through registered or certified mail for safety.

The lien will last for eight months in common cases. An issue on Conditional Release of Lien and Release of Lien through litigation will end it even earlier if we want to. Always ask professional to help you on every step to avoid problems and delay.

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