10 Useful Tips How to Choose an Apartment in Prague

Prague is definitely a nice destination and a terrific place to stay. However, finding a nice apartment in such nice place will be hard. We have so many competitors. Here are several useful tips based on real experience that will help us to find just the right apartment in Prague.

#1. Choose the Right Location

Do not pick just any available choice. Prague apartment for rent can be located in Old Town or New Town. Each area offers different benefits and disadvantages. Choose the right location first.

#2. Set the Budget

It doesn’t matter if we have a lot of money. We still need to set a budget for the rent. Rent flat in Prague can be different due to our choice. We need to be firm. Do we want luxury or saving some more money for other expense?

#3. Choose between Furnished or Unfurnished

Some people get confused on this. We can make this easier. If we tend to stay there for quite long time, and we have enough budget, unfurnished apartment will be best. If we stay for holiday only, furnished apartment is more practical.

#4. Make Sure We Get Facilities

Rent also includes facilities on building. Those facilities commonly include 24 hours of security and emergency services, property management, reception service, cleaning and electricity, as well as public entertainment and sport. It affects the rent rate as well.

#5. Learn the Transportation Facilities

Old Town is mostly set as pedestrians as well as some parts of the New Town. We will need to learn the entire transportation facilities available nearby in case we want to go somewhere farther.

#6. Choose One with Reasonable Security Deposit

Commonly, security deposit is about one or two months rent. We should not choose an apartment with bigger security deposit obligation than that. Two months rent will be enough for security deposit.

#7. Study the Rental Contract

Each contract is made differently. Some are made unlimited while the others are due on certain period of time. We should match this to our purpose and plan. Learn how you will end the contract and the entire related terms about it.

#8. Compare Rate with Utilities

We need to be sure about utility bills. Is it included on rent? Or do we have to add extra expense? Compare if it is reasonable to the rent offered. Bills can be included on rent, we pay on landlord, or we pay on our own name.

#9. Check Property Damage

This is seriously important. We do not want leak and cracking walls and floors, or other damaged parts of the apartment. Checking every part of the apartment will be necessary, and don’t take an apartment with too much damage.

#10. Pick One with Affordable Rent

We will need to pay for other bills during our stay. Therefore, we should be able to afford the rent. If it is possible, let us try to find one with lower rent so we can save some more money.

Considering that we have several things to do and to consider, it will be wise to start looking early. Those tips are helpful guide to get to the right apartment. Let’s start looking now.

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