8 Important Health Facts on Radon System We Should Know

radon system 8 Important Health Facts on Radon System We Should KnowWe should care about radon system at our home because there are many bad risks related to health problems. In the United States, the level of concern about radon issue has increased in recent years. Everything related to the health problems can potentially cause major disruption to our society. We can summarize it into eight important points that you should know.

#1. What is Radon?

Radon is a gas that is caused by the natural decomposition of uranium in water and soil. It is a substance that is invisible, odorless, and tasteless.

#2. The Effects

It is a substance that is harmful to health. That eventually leads to ionizing radiation and has been shown to cause lung cancer problems. In the USA, there are 20 thousand deaths caused by radon radiation. Also, it ranks second after smoking as a cause of death.

#3. Where is it?

Actually, it exists everywhere. But, it is always there in the building and its surroundings. Based on studies, radon is found in water and soil so the human can barely be separated from it.

#4. The Complication Risks

Radon is a cause of lung cancer, when it attacks a smoker, the risk would be multiplied. The comparison is as following; those who do not smoke and live with radon, and then he has the risk of 2: 1000. Meanwhile, a smoker that lives with radon will have the possibility of 20: 1000.

#5. How it Infiltrate?

Basically, radon is a radioactive gas and commonly found in soil. Therefore, radon system can infiltrate through a gap in the floor, the house joints, wall cracks, wall holes, and water supply.

#6. Radon Scaling

Experts always recommend radon measurements to anticipate the risk of health problems. Actually, it will not be expensive, and can be done easily. If radon levels exceed 4pCi/L, then the experts will recommend solutions to reduce it.

#7. Environment Levels

However, we can hardly ignore the risk of radon. Each building has a risk as a result of the decomposition of the gas that comes from the land and water resources. It will turn into radioactive, be trapped in the lungs, and can lead to other complications. On the environmental level, it also affects the nature conservation which is not comparable with development projects.

#8. How to Solve

Obviously, experts will perform measurements at the level of radon. If it does not pose a risk, the owner does not have to worry about it. However, if radon system exceeds the standard level, then the owner should immediately undertake a building renovation.

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