8 Things You Must Do to Your House in the First 24 Hours after Flood

Flood damage Dayton 8 Things You Must Do to Your House in the First 24 Hours after Flood Flood damage Dayton will be truly helpful for assisting you in getting rid of any troubles come after the flood. Whether the flood is caused by falling water, ground water, or even by any home water system malfunctions; the very best idea to do is taking care of the first 24 hours after the flood happens. By doing this, you just do something good for the security of your home and family. Whether you have an insurance for any flood damage or not, here are several things to do very quickly after the flood.

#1. Checking for Any Structural Damage

Some insurance companies will be really recommended that you have to take care of any structural damage soon after the flood happens, at least you are checking on anything which is visible such as loosened or cracked foundation elements, warping, holes in the walls or ceilings, as well as any damage to gas, electricity, water system, and sewer lines.

#2. Turning Off Water and Electrical Sources

Of course, flood will be more risking in making you injure because of any water or electrical sources on. Thus, it is truly important to always make sure that all the water and electrical sources are in the position on off mode.

#3. Taking Pictures or Videos on the Recent Situation

Just before you decide to remove any water and doing any repair to your property and assets, it will always become a great idea if you are taking more time to take some pictures and if it is possible, you can also try to document the digital video versions of the recent situation.

#4. Protecting the Health of the Whole Family

You will always need to take an extra care of any flood damage because even if the water is very clear, there is still possibility for you to get contaminated by any household chemicals. If it is possible, it is truly suggested that you are protecting you and the whole family by wearing waders and waterproof boots.

#5. Comparing the Situation in the Real Location and in the Digital Versions

Once you decide to hire a company to solve all the problems related to the flood damage, you can just easily give them your digital versions of the situation in the first 24 hours after the flood damage. By doing this, they will be more easily to help you in taking the proper handling. If you are living near Dayton area, you can simply call the assistance from flood damage Dayton services.

#6. Gloves in Removing Water Damaged Possessions and Avoiding Contaminants

Furthermore, if you want to feel more secure; it is also recommended that you are wearing rubber gloves once you are about to remove any water-damaged possessions as well as for avoiding any contaminants.

#7. Dealing with FEMA Authorities

One great deal about getting to know more about FEMA authorities is that you will understand more about the importance of always using boiling water until the water damage companies declare that all the water supplies are safe to be consumed.

#8. Calling the Insurance Company

In order to avoid any fatal incidents, you need to make sure that you always keep the insurance company’s phone number so that you can easily call them in case of emergency.

Actually, as long as you have followed all those simple rules above; it can be clearly said that you will not face any greater problems related to the flood damage. In the process of repairing, it is suggested that you document all the conversations, take pictures and videos of the recent situation in order to make the claim more easily to be processed. If you are dealing with flood damage Dayton services, then you are lucky enough because they will provide you this kind of service.

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