Reasons for Choosing a Beach Themed Living Room Style

Elegant Beach Themed Living Room 300x187 Reasons for Choosing a Beach Themed Living Room StyleDeciding to go for a beach themed living room style can be a very good option for you. If you have always liked nautical things and you want to have a beach themed living room you will have to ensure that the walls have a blue shade. The tone you go for will mainly depend on what you like so you use a navy blue, light blue or even bright blue; any of those colours will do wonders for your beach themed living room. Remember that when you decorate your living room with a beach theme, you should try to think of the possible things you can see when you are at the beach and this will help you get more inspired for your design.

It’s also important that you try to include things that make you feel as if you were on board a boat. This means that you will have to use ropes of natural fibres, some accessories in red and white and even a porthole in order to create that beach themed living room you want. It’s a good idea to use some flags in the room to give a nautical look that will really match the theme of the room. If your walls are covered with wooden panels take advantage of them to create the feeling that you are at a beach house.

The most common material to use to create a beach themed living room is canvas. You could use it to make new curtains, a dust ruffle or any other things you want to create. If you make canvas curtains you will need to use big eyelets because they are typical of a nautical style. It would also be a good idea to give an old sail a new use by turning it into a curtain, pillows or cushions.

In order to complement your decoration, you will have to paint your furniture with white or cream paint with a special technique so that it doesn’t look too formal. Don’t go for a shiny finish as you are trying to create furniture with a vintage look that matches your nautical decoration. If you have to buy new furniture you should go for wooden pieces that have a beach-house style. Instead of using a traditional chair, it would be interesting if you could get a hammock or some fishing net pieces to combine with a nice couch with a boat shape or if you think that’s too much you can add a nice nautical blanket to the couch that has some nautical colours.

Another important aspect of your beach themed living room that you have to consider is the kind of accessories you are going to use. This beach style should definitely have paddles of different sizes and even oars. If you prefer you can simply hang a few images of sailing boats in order to crate the focal point in the living room. Decoration stores offer a great variety of objects including life rings, anchors, sailboats, vintage glass floats and lighthouses that can improve the style of any room.

When you really know how to create a beach themed living room and when you know how to put things together you will feel as if you were on holiday at the beach house and your life will be a lot easier.

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