Easy Home Decorating Ideas – Why Not Try the Bluish Look?

adorable turquoise blue kitchen decorating ideas o2 300x200 Easy Home Decorating Ideas   Why Not Try the Bluish Look?Easy home decorating ideas can transform a dull kitchen into an elegant one with variety of color schemes.  For this you need to experiment with different color tones that can create a wide range of hues with various combinations. Blue is a beautiful tone that can add elegance to your kitchen and give you the opportunity to play with it if you can mix the color properly in order to create a range of blue tones.

Blue as a tone projects a very clean image. You can give your kitchen a very clinical look if you combine chromium sharp lines along with the cool blue tonal color. You can use rubber and glass to enhance the look as well. You can use water-resistant emulsion for making the surface clean-easy. These emulsions are produced especially to be use in kitchens so that the oil and grime can be cleaned off easily. For the walls you can use smoky blue panels to give the kitchen a relaxing look. For flooring pale blue will be fantastic. Wall units can be ice-white creating a free-standing style.

Easy home decorating ideas can be used more widely if you have a large kitchen. This will give you ample scope of painting with variety of shades when you have large assortment of cupboards, drawers and storage cubes. Your kitchen can be made interesting with different shades of blues used outside as well as inside these storage units.  You can add the kitchen doors and windows in your color scheme. If you prefer to have warm flooring under your foot you can use cork on the floor. On the other hand in keeping with the overall blue tint you can use accessories of galvanized metal with bluish steely looks.

If you want to give your kitchen a hot sizzling look, you can do so the Mexico Way. This will involve using guacamole green in combination with hot pinks on the walls. On the other hand if you want to play down the sizzle a bit, for the worktops and units you can use cooling blues and white splash back tiles. The floor can be of the silvery grey tone tiles. However the accessories like painted pottery and punched tin frames need to be used to create a genuine look.  The sizzling look can be enhanced with the use of deep yellow bowls, kettles of lime green and striped kitchen cloths.  These accessories add the extra punch to the Mexican look.

Your easy home decorating ideas need not be contemporary all along; you can give it a retro touch as well. For example, along with ice cool blue on the walls you can add cherry red and pinks on the worktops to bring about a retro fifties effect. You can use steel as a theme running through the kitchen which will reflect off light accentuating the cool blue. However if you want to moderate the overall color effect, you can use brown wood for doors, windows and kitchen drawers.

If you want to transform your old kitchen in a contemporary way and personalize it, you can use lavender which is quite cool and relaxing. This is a good alternate shade that you can use if you are not so enthusiastic about blue. To add a touch of class to it you can use cream tiles. Wooden worktops will go well with oak chairs and tables. If you want to add depth to the color scheme you can choose deep blue, purple and red accents for your easy home decorating ideas.

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